University of California, Riverside

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Energy Processing

Marko Princevac

Marko Princevac, Associate Professor

Environmental Fluid Dynamics

Environmental energy balance
Marko Princevac

Lorenzo Mangolini, Assistant Professor

Synthesis and Material Characterization

Synthesis of novel materials with emphasis on nanostructures
Material characterization
Process engineering with emphasis on non-thermal plasma synthesis of nanomaterials
Modeling of gas-phase and plasma reactive systems
Development of devices based on nanostructured materials

Marko Princevac

Cengiz Ozkan, Professor

Biomaterials and Nanotechnology

Biomaterials and nanotechnology
Kambiz Vafai

Kambiz Vafai, Professor

Heat and Mass Transfer Research Lab

Electronics cooling
Aircraft brake housing
Flat shaped-heat pipes
Heat transfer regulation and augmentation
Landmine detection
Open-ended structures
High energy release and storage
Free surface simulations

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