University of California, Riverside

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Nano- and Micro-Devices

Hideaki Tsutui

Hideaki Tsutsui, Assistant Professor

Regenerative Microengineering

  • Stem Cell Control
  • Biomedical Microdevices
  • Self-Assembling Biomaterials
Lorenzo Mangolini

Lorenzo Mangolini, Assistant Professor

Synthesis and Material Characterization

  • Synthesis of novel materials with emphasis on nanostructures
  • Material characterization
  • Process engineering with emphasis on non-thermal plasma synthesis of nanomaterials
  • Modeling of gas-phase and plasma reactive systems
  • Development of devices based on nanostructured materials
Sandeep Kumar

Sandeep Kumar, Assistant Professor

Multi-physics Lab

  • Spin mediated thermal transport in semiconductor and ferromagnetic thin films 

  • Spin-Phonon interactions and enhanced spin-Seebeck effect

  • Spin wave characterization in ferromagnetic thin films and Thermal transport in dilute ferromagentic semiconductors.

Javier Garay

Javier Garay, Associate Professor

Advanced Materials Processing and Synthesis Lab

  • Nanocrystalline materials
Heejung Jung

Heejung Jung, Associate Professor

Air Quality

  • Air Quality
Cengiz Ozkan

Cengiz Ozkan, Professor

Biomaterials and Nanotechnology Laboratory

  • Self assembled nanoelectronics
  • Hierarchical nanomanufacturing
Masaru Rao

Masaru Rao, Assistant Professor

Biomedical Microdevices Laboratory

  • Novel micro/nanofabrication methods & materials
  • Biomedical microdevices
Kambiz Vafai

Kambiz Vafai, Professor

Heat and Mass Transfer Research Lab

  • Microchannel applications
  • Microcantilever based biosensors

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