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Machine Shop Description

The Machine Shop specializes in design, research, development of experimental apparatus, medical devices, and scientific equipment.  The shop’s capabilities consist of complete design of fabrication of complex three-dimensional surfaces. Including wind tunnel models, scientific apparatuses, 3-D mathematical models, precision tooling, structural weldments, robotic devices, pressure vessels, stress analysis, strain gaging, design assistance, sheet metal, plastic, and wood structures.

Nearly 4100 sq. ft.

Divided into:

                (a) Engine and assembly area,

                (b) Wood and sheet metal shop,

                (c) Heavy machine tools,

                (d) Supervisor cabin.

Supervised by: 1) Full-time Associate Development Engineer: Matt McCormick; 2) Half-time Lab Manager and Half-time Mechanician: Steve Rightnar.



Parts Fabricated at the Machine Shop

  1. Users send email request to schedule an appointment and meet with the Machinist .  User needs to complete services form prior to meeting with Machinist.
  2. When users meet with MS manager (Matt McCormick), the following will be required, clearly annotated on the services form or separately:
  • Services form completed
  • Present a print
  • All dimensions clearly printed and annotated.
  • All holes and threads called out and noted
  • Materials that will need to be ordered
  • Information on the functions and requirements for part design

      3. After review and discussion of fabrication, the Machinist will provide an estimate to customer.  Customer will obtain approval from Principal Investigator   prior to work being performed.

     4. The estimate may include assistance with new design or development of new design, which will incur a different estimate.

     5. Materials may be provided by user or can be factored into the estimate to be approved by the Principal Investigator.

 The Mechanical Engineering Machine Shop rate is $34 an hour. 



Students with Projects to be Machined by

Only experienced students and under the general supervision of the Machinist may be allowed to machine on their own.

  1. An appointment request is sent to the machinist to schedule an appointment.
  2. Complete the attached form prior to meeting with the Machinist.
  3. The following  initial training will be provided at no charge:
  • Take and pass the safety test, lathe test and mill test.
  • After passing test schedule 2 ½ hr. hands on training for mill/lathe.

      4. In order for students to machine on your own, you will need additional training with Machinist.

  • An estimate will be provided as to how many hours you will need training.
  • An estimate will be provided by Machinist as to how much general or minimum supervision will be needed.
  • Prior to training, approvals and proper documentation will need to be completed (see attached form).

      5. Students will need to work with the Machinist and provide the following whether working on their own or being supervisor to perform machining.

  • Material needed
  • Machine used
  • Tooling needed
  • Fasteners needed
  • Final fit and finish
  • Instruction on machining the part and overall job


Machine Shop Major Equipment List

  • Manual Lathes

  • Various Mills

  • CNC Plasma Cutter

  • Wire EDM

  • CNC Lathe

  • Haas 3-axis CNC Mill



Machine Shop Safety Guide


UCR ME SOP Manual Lathes

UCR ME SOP Manual Milling Machines



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