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air pollution
Clearing the air (inside your car)
UC Riverside research can improve car cabin air quality and help you choose your next car
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Basilard CEO Brynley Lee and founder Masa Rao
UC Riverside biotech startup will mass-produce engineered cells
The licensed technology is a tipping point for emerging lifesaving therapies
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A green laser light going through the silicon quantum dots, and the silicon quantum dots re-emitting blue light (i.e. upconversion).
Making higher-energy light to fight cancer
Researchers use nontoxic silicon nanocrystals to convert low-energy photons into high-energy ones, bringing scientists closer to developing photodynamic treatments for cancer
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Associate Professor Lorenzo Mangolini’s results published in Nano Letters
Prof. Mangolini’s most recent results on the development of novel battery materials have been published in Nano Letters. Precise control of processing parameters allows growing a highly graphitic shell around silicon particles. This stabilizes the performance of the material during charge-discharge cycling, all while being considerably simpler than other competing techniques. Giorgio Nava and Joseph Schwan, a Postdoc and a Ph.D. student in Mechanical Engineering respectively, have led the study. This work was performed in collaboration with the McDowell group at Georgia Tech, which performed
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Apply Today to UC Riverside's Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program! https://www.me.ucr.edu/academics/graduateprogram
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This Saturday! Must RSVP before Friday! https://www.me.ucr.edu/about/open-house.html
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UCR's fluid dynamics research groups attended 12th annual Southern California Flow Physics Symposium (SoCal Fluids) at USC earlier this month. This was a great opportunity to present their exciting and diverse work, which included ice floes tracking in the North pole, collective motion of organisms in the ocean, wildfires, bubbles and more! . . . . . . #california #research #meatucr#ucrhiglander #ucr #lifeatucr #collegelife #iamanengineer #stem #engineering#science
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