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Precisely poking cells en masse to cure cancer
Device can mass-produce engineered cells at lower cost, a tipping point for emerging lifesaving therapies
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Students in Mona Eskandari's lab experimenting on pig lungs
Crimped or straight? Lung fiber shape influences elasticity
The shape and architecture of collagen and elastin fibers can improve our understanding of lung diseases, including the one associated with vaping
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A smal laser-welded ceramic tube
Lasers can weld ceramics without a furnace
Ultrafast pulsed lasers fuse ceramics under ambient conditions and use less than 50 watts of power
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What’s with the boxes and towers in the campus parking lots?
You’ve probably noticed the antenna-like towers and black tote cases that have appeared around the UC Riverside campus in recent weeks. Not surprisingly, they’ve prompted some questions. “Some people are curious,” said Ranga Rajan Thiruvenkatachari, a graduate student in mechanical engineering, who is part of the research team that set up the equipment. “Sometimes I see people stopping to see what’s happening.” It’s a question they get all the time, said Aaron Caddell, a senior mechanical engineering major, who is also part of the research team. The equipment went up in mid-July and will
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The Mechanical Engineering Department is delighted to continue the Distinguished Speaker Series this week. On Friday, March 1st, 2019 from 2-3PM, Dr. Ann R. Karagozian from UCLA will be presenting in Winston Chung Hall 205/206. The presentation is titled "Exploration and Control of Transverse Jet Shear Layer Instabilities" Read more: https://www.me.ucr.edu/event-list/2019/03/01/distinguished-speaker-series-ann-r-karagozian
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Congratulations to Ben Sommerkorn (2nd to right) who was invited to present his research at the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST)! Ben will be speaking about his research in the Biomedical Microdevice Laboratory at the California State Capitol.
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​I​n support of the Smithsonian Institute and Awesome Con, and in collaboration with the U.S. National Science Foundation, Prof. Suveen Mathaudhu ​recently ​organized three panels at the intersection of science, technology and pop culture. An example panel included the “Tech of the Batmobile” panel which reviewed then engineering and technological advancements of the iconic batmobile over time. . . . . . #california #research #meatucr #ucrhiglander #ucr #lifeatucr #collegelife#iamanengineer #stem #engineering#science #batman #batmobile
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