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M.S. Curriculum

The M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering can be earned by either one of two plans:

  1. Completion of a thesis (Plan I), which reports a creative investigation of a defined problem
  2. Passing a comprehensive examination

For the M.S. degree, students must meet a minimum residency requirement of three quarters, one complete academic year, in the University of California. At least two of these three quarters must be spent at UCR. Registration in at least 4 units of 100 or 200 level course work is necessary for each quarter of academic residence. Students should enroll in 12 units each quarter unless the Graduate Advisor grants an exception.


Standard of Scholarship

Only courses in which grades of “A,” “B,” “C,” or “S” are received may be counted toward satisfying graduate degree requirements. To continue in good standing and obtain an advanced degree, students must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.00. In addition, students must demonstrate acceptable progress toward their degree objectives. This entails the acceptable completion of all course work and other degree requirements in a timely fashion.

Students are considered to be making unacceptable progress and become subject to dismissal when:

  1. They have 12 or more units of “I” grades (incomplete course work) outstanding
  2. The overall GPA falls below 3.00. Students with a GPA of less than 3.00 will be placed on probation
  3. The quarterly GPA falls below 3.00 for two consecutive quarters
  4. They fail to fulfill program requirements such as examinations or research in a timely and satisfactory manner, or
  5. They have not completed their programs within one year after reaching normative time

Normative Time

The normative time for a student to complete the M.S. degree under either Plan I or Plan II is six (6) quarters. This estimate is based on the experience in other departments within the College of Engineering, whose degree requirements are very similar. The M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering is also available 100% online.