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Incoming Student Information


The ME Department would like to take a moment to congratulate you on your acceptance into our wonderful program and extend a warm welcome to UCR. We are excited to have you here at UCR and our department is looking forward to meeting you. With Fall looming around the corner, we are sure you have many questions. An email with information regarding your arrival to UCR should have been sent to your R'Mail account. We strongly suggest you check your email regularly so you are up to date with the latest program information. 

Please refer to this page in its entirety as it contains very important information and will answer many questions that you may have. If you have any outstanding questions that are not answered here, feel free to contact the Graduate Student Affairs Officer Joaquin Barraza via email: or the Faculty Graduate Advisor, Dr. Hideaki Tsutsui via email:


Orientations and Events

  • Graduate Division Orientation

    This orientation will be available online via Canvas. If you do not complete this in a timely manner, it could result in a hold being placed on your registration so it is highly recommended you work on completing this as soon as it is made available by Graduate Division. They will contact you regarding this.  

  • Safety Orientation

    This orientation is currently scheduled for September 27th, 2023. Information regarding this orientation will be delivered to your R'Mail account through UCR's Environmental Healthy and Safety Department. Please keep an eye out for this email as it is mandatory. 

  • International Students and Scholars Orientation

    This orientation will be held on September 21, 22, and 25th. Attendance for ISO is mandatory for all new International students and there are fees associated with International Student Orientation. Orientation will be in person. No make-ups will be available. You can register here to reserve your spot. Please also visit the ISS website for more detailed information here:  

  • Department Orientation

    This orientation will be held on Tuesday, September 19th, 2023 from 1PM to 4PM, in Bourns A265. Please mark your calendar as attendance is MANDATORY.  Light refreshments will be provided.  

                                            The Bourns Building can be located on this map. The building was circled in red for your convivence. 



  • Teaching Assistant Orientation

    This orientation is mandatory for all new students that will TA in their first year. All PhD students will automatically be enrolled in the Orientation by the department. All New TA Orientation components for Academic Year 2023-2024 will be held online via eLearn. The orientation will be asynchronous; however, our expectation is that each TA will complete the required training between the beginning of the quarter and the conclusion of Week 3. 

  • New Student Mixer

    This year, various departments in BCOE have come together to host a very special Student Mixer! This is an amazing opportunity to network with incoming peers of other departments, learn about their interests/research, and of course, enjoy some light refreshments together. Not only will you be able to meet with other incoming students from various departments, you will also be joined by Department Chairs, Graduate Advisors, Graduate Student Association Presidents and BCOE’s Dean, Dr. Christopher Lynch. We will also be hosting a raffle and other activities to give you a chance to win some BCOE merchandise. This Mixer will take place on September 22nd, 2023 from 2PM to 5 PM at The Stable located on campus. All incoming ME graduate students are strongly encouraged to attend.  RVSP here  

    The Barn | UCR Dining Services

Student Checklist

Students must consider and complete the following tasks prior to their official start date:

Statement of Legal Residence 

As noted in your admission offer and post admission documents, all students are required to complete the statement of legal residence. Students who do not complete this online form will be accessed nonresident tuition. This includes students who completed their undergraduate degree at UCR.  Please click the following link, Residency for Tuition Purposes and complete this form as soon as possible. 

Direct Deposit

DIRECT DEPOSIT FORM: Enroll for direct deposit via R’Web for fellowship stipends, financial aid or any other student refunds. Visit the Student Business Services page for more information on Refunds, Loan Processing, Payments, 1098-T Taxpayer Relief Act, Forms and Student Accounts. 

UCR R'Mail

Please ensure that you have set up your UCR R’Mail account if you have not done so already. Please note that all communications from myself and other campus agencies will always contact you using your R’Mail account.  

ENGR Account 

Although all students have R’Mail accounts, it is still vital to create and ENGR account. Please visit the BCOE systems website to create an account. It is the only way you can be added to any mailing lists created by BCOE which often carry important department information.  


Visit Campus Transportation & Parking Services for: 

  • Parking Permits. 

  • RTA (Rapid Transit Agency) local Riverside bus line.  Bus passes are free for UCR students. 

  • Metrolink (Southern California Commuter Train) - easy access to Los Angeles, Beaches and San Diego 

  • Carpool. 

  • Other Alternative Transportation Programs. 
    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact TAPS. 

If you do not have a parking permit yet, daily permits are available for purchase at our University Kiosk located on University Avenue and West Campus Drive. Hourly parking is also available for purchase via the park mobile app. See for more information on how to use this service. For more detailed information on visitor parking availability, please visit You can find a printable map to help you locate the parking kiosks and lots here


Below are some resources for on and off campus housing.  Please be proactive in your housing search. 

  1. UCR Housing Services  

  1. Riverside Neighborhoods information from the City of Riverside 

  1. Riverside Apartment Finder   

  1. Zillow 

  2. Roomies 

Medical Insurance

Graduate Students are automatically enrolled in a UCR policy. Students that prefer to keep their own medical insurance will need to cancel UCR’s policy by applying for a waiver as soon as possible.  Any questions, please contact the Student Health Services

Campus Safety

Learn more about Campus Safety Services and tools for all students online.  

Campus ID Cards

Visit Card Services to obtain your UCR Student ID card! 


Registration is currently open and you will have the option to add and drop courses online through October 13th, 2023. For instructions on how to register online, visit the Registrar's Office. . Please note that Graduate Advisors and the Graduate Officer cannot remove restrictions/holds that are set by other departments. You will need to contact that specific department to have the restriction/holds cleared.  

Fall instruction begins September 28, 2023. Generally, it is recommended that our first year graduate students complete 3 or 4 PhD prelim and MS comp preparation courses (ME200, ME235/EE235, ME240A, ME241A, ME243A, ME261, ME266) so that you will be ready for the spring prelim/comp exams. Please Note: ME 250 (Seminar) is required to take in order to graduate. You may take it at any point during your time here but understand that there a certain number of seminars you must take before graduating from the program. The number ranges depending on your degree objective: 

  • The M.S. Plan I (Thesis) degree objective requires students to take a total of 3 seminars prior to graduation.
  • The M.S. Plan II (Comp Exam) degree objective requires students to take a total of 1 seminar prior to graduation.
  • The Ph.D degree objective requires students to take a total of 6 seminars prior to graduation. 

You should consult with your respective faculty advisor (PhD students) or with the department Graduate Advisor (MS students), Dr. Hideaki Tsutsui (, for further guidance on which courses to enroll. 

The written preliminary (PhD) and comprehensive (MS Plan II) examination is designed to test understanding of graduate-level mechanical engineering concepts and methods. It covers three subject areas to be selected by the student: materials structure & properties, control systems, engineering analysis, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, thermodynamics, and solid mechanics. Students are strongly encouraged to complete the relevant graduate-level coursework for the selected subject areas: 

**These courses may be subject to change.  

Relevant course work 
Quarter offered 

Engineering Analysis


Fall 2023

Fluid Mechanics 


Fall 2023 



Fall 2023 

Solid Mechanics 


Fall 2023

Control Systems


Winter 2024

Heat Transfer


Winter 2024

Materials Structure and Properties 


Winter 2024 

International Students

The International Student Resource Center assists incoming international students in answering questions and services. We encourage you to visit their site.

Deferring Attendance

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to defer to the Spring Quarter. However, deferment to the Winter is possible but is considered on a case by case basis. Please contact Dr. Chen Li, the Faculty Advisor of Admissions via email: for questions. 

Local Address

Once you have a local address, please be sure to update this information on R’Web. This is very important. If your local address is not updated, all mailed information will be sent to your home address on record.  


Once again, please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or concerns you may have. 

Contact Our Team


Joaquin Barraza
Graduate Student Affairs Officer


Denise Lua
Graduate Student Affairs Assistant

Faculty Graduate Advisor (Enrolled Students)

Hideaki Tsutsui
Associate Professor

Faculty Graduate Advisor (Applicants)

Chen Li
Associate Professor