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ME Graduate Student Resources


The Graduate Division requires that students submit several forms as they advance through their studies, such as Advancement to Candidacy and other general petitions. You can obtain the forms at the Graduate Division website. Please consult the Graduate Assistant for assistance in completing the forms.

Departmental Forms and Graduate Student Handbook

Mechanical Engineering has specific forms that students submit throughout their studies. You can pick up the forms from the links below – be sure to consult the Graduate Assistant when completing the forms.

ME Departmental Forms and Graduate Student Handbook

Enrollment Forms

Advancement to Candidacy – MS Program

  • (use e-form in R'Grad )

Advancement to Candidacy – PHD Program

  • Form 2: Nominating Qualifying Committee (use e-form in R'Grad)
  • Form 3: Qualifying Exam Results (use e-form in R'Grad)

Final Defense Forms

(ME dept. must be notified at least two weeks prior to the defense date)