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Mark Brown

Developing an automated nucleic acid sample preparation system.
Winston Chung Hall 205/206 –



Winston Chung Hall 205/206

October 11, 2019 11am


One of the hurdles facing nucleic acid sample preparation companies is that not all samples are created equal. From tissues to blood, stool or martian soil, each sample type offers new challenges. This is especially true when research moves from the lab to the field, and as researchers adopt new portable NGS and long-read sequencing technologies. In this talk, Dr. Brown will discuss how Claremont BioSolutions is developing technology to simplify and automate nucleic acid extraction to meet the growing demand for more portable and high-throughput sample prep solutions.


Mark Brown is Vice President of Research and a Senior Scientist at Claremont BioSolutions LLC. in Upland, California. Mark has a B.S. in Marine Biology from LIU Southampton and obtained his Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology at Stony Brook University. He did his postdoctoral training in parasitology at UCLA. At Claremont BioSolutions he is developing methods to rapidly isolate nucleic acid and proteins from hard-to-lyse microbes and ultra-long DNA from blood and tissue samples (funded by NCI and NIGMS).