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Graduate Course List

Course Name No. Fall Winter Spring
Methods of Engineering Analysis ME 200     YES
Computational Methods in Engineering ME 201     YES
Spectral Computational Methods ME 202 YES    
Design and Analysis of Engineering Experiments ME 203      
Sustainable Product Design ME 210   YES  
Optimal Control and Estimation ME 220 YES    
Advanced Robotics ME 222      
Secure and Reliable Controls Systems ME 223   YES  
Computational Methods for Robotics ME 224     YES
Design and Fabrication of Robots? ME 225   YES  
Computer-Aided Engineering Design ME 230      
Pen-Based Computing  ME 231      
Computation Design Tools ME 232      
Artificial Intelligence Design ME 233      
Linear Systems Theory ME 235      
State and Parameter Estimation Theory ME 236      
Nonlinear Systems and Control ME 237      
Linear Multivariable Control ME 238      
Optimal Control ME 239      
Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics  ME 240A   YES  
Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics  ME 240B      
Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer ME 241A   YES  
Transport through Porous Media ME 241B     YES
Electronic Cooling and Thermal Issues in Microelectronics ME 241C      
Turbulence in Fluids ME 242     YES
Advanced Mechanical Engineering Thermodynamics ME 243   YES  
Nanoscale Heat Transfer and Energy Conversion ME 244     YES
Radiative Heat Transfer ME 245 YES    
Applied Combustion and Environmental Applications ME 246      
Internal Combustion Engines ME 248   YES  
Seminar in Mechanical Engineering ME 250 YES YES YES
Transport Processes in the Atmosphereic Boundary Layer ME 255   YES  
Continuum Mechanics ME 260      
Theory of Elasticity/Solid Mechanics ME 261 YES    
Mechanics and Physics of Materials ME 266     YES
Finite Element Methods ME 267     YES
Introduction to Microelectromechanical Systems ME 270 YES    
Therpeutic Biomedical Microdevices ME 271      
Nanoscale Science and Engineering ME 272     YES
Principles and Designs of Micro Transducers ME 273      
Plasma-aided Manufacturing and Materials Processing ME 274     YES
Imperfections in Solids ME 278     YES
Optics and Lasers in Engineering ME 280     YES
Apprentice Teaching ME 302 YES YES YES