Parts Fabricated at the Machine Shop

  1. User sends email request to schedule an appointment and meet with the Machinist Matt McCormick
  2. User needs to complete services form prior to meeting with Machinist. When users meet with MS manager (Matt McCormick), the following will be required, clearly annotated on the services form or separately:
    • Present a print of the services form along with all dimensions clearly printed and annotated. All holes and threads called out and noted. And a sketch or schematic of all parts that need to be machined.
    • List of suggested materials
    • Information on the functions and intended uses of the manufactured parts
  3. After review and discussion of fabrication, the Machinist will provide an estimate to customer. Customer will obtain approval from Principal Investigator prior to work being performed.
  4. The estimate may include assistance with new design or development of new design, which will incur an added cost.
  5. Materials may be provided by user or can be factored into the estimate to be approved by the Principal Investigator.

The Mechanical Engineering Machine Shop rate is $34 per hour.