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Self Use

Only students who have received training and who are experienced (and under the general supervision of the Machinist) may be allowed to machine on their own. All sales and services rates apply.

  1. A request is sent to the machinist to schedule an appointment.
  2. Complete the Services Form prior to meeting with the Machinist.
  3. Take and pass the safety test, lathe test and mill test.
  4. An estimate will be provided as to how many hours you will need training and as to how much general or minimum supervision will be needed. The Principal Investigator must approve.
    • Prior to training, approvals and proper documentation will need to be completed (Checklist Form)
    • In order for a student to machine on his/her own, you will need additional training with Machinist
  5. Students will need to work with the Machinist and provide the following:
    • Material needed
    • Machine used
    • Tooling needed
    • Fasteners needed
    • Final fit and finish
    • Instruction on machining the part and overall job