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NSF - Partnerships for Innovation - Technology Translation (PFI-TT) Program awarded $250k to Professor Aguilar and his group

This project builds on prior NSF-funded research (I-Corps), to develop a portable perfusion monitoring (PPM) device to observe blood flow to and from a surgical site, both during and post-surgery. As conventional surgical blood flow monitoring systems are bulky and expensive, the approach taken in this project allows for a compact and affordable device with the potential to serve surgeons and patients alike.

The proposed system will increase the use of blood flow monitoring devices for use in reconstructive plastic surgery, with potential to spread to other applications, such as bedsores monitoring and/or field applications prevalent in military medicine. The proposed technology may result in fewer follow-up, corrective surgeries presently caused by delayed diagnosis of sufficient blood flow during surgery. The broader societal impact and commercial benefit, through cost savings and productivity gains within hospitals, will benefit patients and improve the quality and throughput of the medical system.