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What’s with the boxes and towers in the campus parking lots?

You’ve probably noticed the antenna-like towers and black tote cases that have appeared around the UC Riverside campus in recent weeks. Not surprisingly, they’ve prompted some questions. “Some people are curious,” said Ranga Rajan Thiruvenkatachari, a graduate student in mechanical engineering, who is part of the research team that set up the equipment. “Sometimes I...

Guillermo Aguilar elevated to Mexican National Academy of Engineering

Guillermo Aguilar , a professor and chair of mechanical engineering at UC Riverside’s Marlan and Rosemary Bourns College of Engineering, was inducted into the National Academy of Engineering of Mexico at a ceremony held July 25 in Mexico City. The honor recognizes Aguilar’s contributions to mechanical and biomedical engineering, particularly in biomedical optics and lasers,...

Ph.D. students Nami Davoodzadeh and David Halaney receive NSF Spirit of I-Corps Award

UC Riverside Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. students Nami Davoodzadeh and David Halaney, along with UCR Entrepreneur-in-Residence Stev e Sharp, participated in the National Science Foundatio n’s I-Corps program this Winter. This program simulates a business start-up environment, enabling teams to assess product-market fit through intensive customer discovery. During the 7 weeks, the Portable Perfusion Monitor (PPM)...

GAANN Fellowship for Domestic PhD Students

The Mechanical Engineering department at UC Riverside has been awarded $0.9 million by the U.S. Department of Education to provide needs-based fellowships to domestic and permanent resident graduate students. The award is from the Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) program and aligns with the university-wide goal of expanding diversity of the graduate...

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Precisely poking cells en masse to cure cancer
Device can mass-produce engineered cells at lower cost, a tipping point for emerging lifesaving therapies
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Students in Mona Eskandari's lab experimenting on pig lungs
Crimped or straight? Lung fiber shape influences elasticity
The shape and architecture of collagen and elastin fibers can improve our understanding of lung diseases, including the one associated with vaping
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A smal laser-welded ceramic tube
Lasers can weld ceramics without a furnace
Ultrafast pulsed lasers fuse ceramics under ambient conditions and use less than 50 watts of power
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