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Society of Automotive Engineers Awards Environmental Excellence in Transportation Award to Professor Heejung Jung

Professor Jung received the Environmental Excellence in Transportation Award in April 2020 from Society of Automotive Engineers for his research on vehicle cabin air quality. He led a team or researchers that included four of his former students and three colleagues.

Air pollutant concentrations including mobile source air toxics on-road is much higher compared to ambient background concentrations. Passengers riding vehicles are exposed to these high concentration air pollutants as they infiltrate into the cabin. Previous studies reported people living in urban areas are exposed to air pollutants most while commuting using highways during a day. As such, reducing exposure to air pollutants in vehicles can have significant impact in reducing overall exposure to air pollutants for people living in urban areas.

The team contributed to development of theory, standard test method and advanced cabin air quality control systems in vehicles to reduce passengers’ exposure to air pollutants.